Monday, July 9, 2012

July 8, 2012: Lazy Sunday! Today was the first day that we did not have a set schedule. It was kind of nice. We had lunch at the most amazing restaurant, Watermelon Cottage. Trevor, the owner, is wonderful! We went to his place (it is his house, the restaurant, and he also has a guestroom downstairs) one night for dinner. It was great. It is nestled in a very wooded area. When we went at night you could hear the frogs and the babbling brook. He had some lighting so we could see out into his yard a little. We decided we wanted to see it in the daytime, so we went for lunch today. The food was wonderful, but the atmosphere and his company were fantastic! Seeing the birds (there was a nest with babies that we could see from our table), butterflies, and lizards. After a delicious lunch at Watermelon Cottage we decided to head the a local beach for a little while. Lime Kiln Bay Beach is a wonderful little secluded beach. When we got there, there was only one local couple there. The shore line is scattered with many rocks (they were all different colors, shapes, and sizes). It was fun to just walk along and grab them before the waves took them back. The undertow was pretty strong, so we didn't venture to far into the water (not to mention your legs and ankles would get plummeted by hurt)! We also decided to go up to Jack Boy Hill, which was on the opposite side of the island. It was a long and very bumpy drive, but was well worth it. The view was spectacular and there were binoculars there for visitors. The volcano was really releasing steam (sulfur). It was crazy to watch the steam just pour out of the three vents we could see. The volcano still had a lot of cloud cover all around it, so the top is still not visible. We were able to watch the volcano for a while as well as see Antigua (the next closest island) in the distance. In all it was a very nice and relaxing day! Tomorrow will be yet another adventure on the mystical island of Montserrat!

Our lunch view from Watermelon Cottage. 

View of the pool at Watermelon Cottage.

Lime Kiln Bay Beach
Lime Kiln Bay Beach

Lime Kiln Bay Beach

This is one of the MANY hairpin turns going up/down the mountain roads!

View of Antigua from Montserrat at Jack Boy Hill.

Soufriere Hills Volcano from the viewing deck at Jack Boy Hill. If you look closely (under the clouds) you can see the sulfur (gas) being released from the vents.

View of the mudflow from Jack Boy Hill.

More of the mudflow.

Soufriere Hills Volcano from Jack Boy Hill.

Acacia Bush is all over the island. The thorns are so long and very sharp!

Acacia Bush - new growth - the thorns are nearly as long as your fingers! 

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